Water tank completed

  • Written by Karin Ahlberg & Lydia Winninge

We made it! After weeks of digging, making an earthquake proof foundation, laying stones, forming plywood, reinforcing and casting concrete the second water tank is done. Since we, Karin and Lydia, came here almost a month ago we have participated in the process with great interest and excitement.

Christian and Erici about to cast lower slab

Almost redy for plaster

Peter working with reinforcement

Erici and Safil building the form for the upper slab

Even though the work has taken a little bit more time than expected, Caroline’s wish came true: it finished before rain season. Normally the monsoon would have started already, but just as the work and time estimation can be, the weather has been quite unpredictable.

The last few days the temperature has sunk a little and every now and then thunderstorms and rain are hitting the area. Yesterday, while eating a fresh vegetable dinner out on the terrace, we watched a spectacular scenery of flashes lighting the sky over the valley. Together with the cats we hid under the roof watching the powerful forces of nature from a distance. The monsoon seems to approach, but still most days are sunny and nights lit with stars.

Meanwhile Erici and his team has been working on the tank we have continued the work of Kajsa and Sabine, preparing for the roof construction. After finishing the budget there has been many purchasing trips to Arusha with Caroline getting all material needed.

Steel shoes painted in red oxide

Choosing & sizing wood

This week we have bought the last things as corrugated metal sheets, wood and steel needed for the roof. Lydia has spent several hours on the welders office for the making of steel shoes with custom drilled holes to even up the differences in the placement of the t-bolts; Karin as many at the wood shop picking straight and dry pieces of the right length. After a long dealing of the price for the wood transportation it was brought to a wood workshop for cutting and cleaning. Since electricity is a luxury that you cannot take for granted here, we waited for several hours until the power came back and the work could continue.

Now almost all the 262 pieces of wood is delivered and piled on the basket field, the only flat surface on site. Metal sheets and nails are kept in the storage waiting for Erici, Maxi, Safil, Christian and Peter finishing the water tower connected to the tank. Next week the wood is going to be termite treated and the walls cleaned from cement before the roofing and building of the trusses can start. Exciting!

We have experienced a lot of interesting and enjoyable cultural meetings in this fantastic project. Now, since it is friday, it is time for us to head over to the builders with one of the most important things in Swedish culture: “fredagsfika”. In Swahili Ko-fika means “jag kommer”. And that is what we will do now.

Ko-fika to fikat!

Lydia & Karin

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